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Clown Through Mask

Clown Through Mask 1

Based on the pioneering work of Richard Pochinko, this process synthesizes Native American and European clowning traditions to guide you in the discovery of clown. Participants are taken on a journey exploring colour, innocence and experience.

Six clay masks are made which create a personal mythology. As they are worn and explored various characters emerge which form and define your clown.

We need to build a clown who speaks to today, that is not just a collection of gags, but an archetype that reveals the essence of the performer.

Clown Through Mask 2

This is clown that gives us a larger sense of the divine in each of us, that celebrates our humanness, our animalness, and the times that we can touch each other in a moment of laughter.

General Information


October 20th to the 31st 2014


Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm


No soiree for this course


R$2.230,00 (Brazilian currency)


Fundição Progresso building
Rua dos Arcos, 24 - Centro (city center)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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